Canada Geese of York Road

Eight little goslings take to the water in Towson, Maryland – May 9, 2015

Part II

The little Canada geese that hatched last Wednesday are swimming now. I suspect that they made their first swim on Friday afternoon.

I’ve checked on them each day hoping to catch them in the water, but Saturday was the first time I saw them go in for a swim.  They were much more sure-footed and mobile on Saturday morning, but still seemed to be fascinated with the short grass outside their fenced drainage pond.

Three days after hatching the goslings are much steadier on their feet – May 9, 2015

The short grass outside the fence is certainly easier for them to walk on, plus they seem to enjoy eating the clover that grows outside. However they are dangerously exposed in the short grass, and their parents are visibly agitated when the little gosling stray too far.

These little gosling find the grass on the other side of the fence, tastier and easy to walk on – May 9, 2015

I watched the mother goose give a short honk, and the goslings immediately gathered at the fence to squirm back under it one by one. They then headed to the water for a brief swim, but it wasn’t long until they were popping back under the fence to munch on more clover.

Wading into a drainage pond a few meters from a busy street in Towson, Maryland – May 9, 2015
A little gosling enjoys the water in Towson, Maryland – May 9, 2015
A little gosling enjoys the water in Towson, Maryland – May 9, 2015


I initially counted seven on Wednesday, but I noticed that there are eight of them on Saturday. Although it is possible that I missed one, I’m pretty sure that there must have been a late hatcher.

A little gosling foraging for sweet clover – Towson, Maryland on May 9, 2015

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