Canada Geese of York Road

Canada geese a few hours after hatching behind a muffler shop in Towson, Maryland – May 6, 2015

These Canada geese are just a few hours old, having hatched earlier in the day. I’ve been watching their mother sitting on her nest for about a month.  She made her nest just inside a fence that surrounds a drainage pond behind a muffler shop on York Road in Towson, Maryland.

The chicks had strayed a few inches from their nest and were on the opposite side of the fence.

I stopped by to check yesterday afternoon and the mother goose was still on her nest, but today at noon there were seven chicks huddled together just outside the fence.

They were very wobbly on their feet, but had managed to scoot under the fence. I think they liked the sun-warmed concrete. I was a little concerned that the chicks had strayed under the fence and away from their mother because this area has many crows.

A mother goose keeps a watchful eye on her chicks as they warm themselves on a patch of concrete. – May 6, 2015

However, at 4:00pm they were back on the same side of the fence with both mom and dad standing guard.  Hopefully the drainage pond doesn’t go dry anytime soon, as I am sure they will need water to survive.

Baby Canada geese in Towson, Maryland – May 6, 2015
Both parents stand guard after coaxing their chicks back under the fence. May 6, 2015

The odds are stacked against all of the chicks surviving, but I’ll be rooting for them and checking up on them as time allows.



2 thoughts on “Canada Geese of York Road

  1. Beautiful shots, Chris. I loved the close-up ones. There’s certainly a lot of energy in their eyes, and their feathers fresh and vibrant. They seem to have no fear, crawling around like that, not even noticing you are there. It looks like a bit of deserted area apart from the muffler shop so I’m guessing they won’t have any human visitors to keep them busy or be a nuisance to them. I often wonder are there people in this world who catch birds like these on the streets and keep them as pets at home. Think this is illegal in Australia.

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  2. Their little drainage pond is less than 50 meters from a busy road, but it is tucked away behind a cluster of shops, so they go largely unnoticed.

    I didn’t get that close to them because I didn’t want to stress out the parents. Each time they gave me a warning hiss, I backed off.

    But you are right that the chicks are oblivious at this point.

    I’m hoping that I’ll be able to catch their first swim.


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