House Finch

House finch at Cromwell Valley Park, Maryland – April 20, 2015

I caught a shot of this male house finch applying the speed brakes in preparation to land on a bird feeder at Cromwell Valley Park yesterday.

This is one of the reddest house finches that I’ve ever seen, and before you ask, I didn’t bump up the color saturation or adjust the exposure to enhance the redness.

The majority of male house finches I see in Maryland have a rich color of red on the crown of their heads, with their breast being a rosy tinge.

Although color variations are common in most every bird species, I thought it was a little special to see one with such a deep red color extending to his lower belly.

House finches at Cromwell Valley Park, Maryland – March 11, 2015



3 thoughts on “House Finch

    1. Thanks!

      It was very cold that day, so their feathers were puffed out, they were in direct afternoon sun, and almost posing for me.

      I don’t deserve much credit, but I’ll take it.

      It was random chance that all those variables lined up with me being there to take the shot. 🙂


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