House Finch

House finches at Cromwell Valley Park, Maryland – March 11, 2015

This pair of house finches bathed in afternoon sunlight made a striking image as they sang loudly to another group of finches in an adjacent tree.

The male house finch with its red head is easy to distinguish from the grayish-brown female finch.

Female house finches at Cromwell Valley Park, Maryland – March 11, 2015




3 thoughts on “House Finch

  1. Brilliant photography. The red one looks very proud with his chest puffed up. The finches look eerily similar to small sparrows in Melbourne where I live. Or maybe I have the birds mixed up or something…

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    1. You probably have something that looks like these house finches in Australia. These little birds were once sold as pets until the practice was banned.

      Not sure if they were ever exported to Australia, but it wouldn’t surprise me. We have flocks of wild budgies in Florida that trace their roots to budgies that were exported from Australia for the pet trade.

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