Canada Geese on a Sunday Afternoon

Canada Geese glide near the shoreline at Loch Raven Reservoir – February 1, 2015

Canada Geese are such a common sight here in Maryland that they seldom draw my attention, but something about this pair made me take notice.

I was sitting on a deadfall tree waiting for something interesting to come into the range of my camera, when these two glided up to an adjacent deadfall.



They were kind of being playful with each other; plus, their proximity to the ice on the branches made me train my lens on them and I fired off about a dozen shots.

Only later did I notice the water droplets dripping from the male’s mouth and on the moss he had scooped up.  I ended up liking the string of photos and I only wish I took some of them nuzzling each other.


Common or not, Canada Geese are elegant birds and I’m glad to have shared a moment with these two.




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