Autumn Reflections


autumn reflection

Hoping to catch reflected colors in the water, I’ve been stopping by my favorite spot at Loch Raven Reservoir during different times of day to compare the lighting conditions with the reflections in the water.

I have found that the trees reflect better in the lake without direct sunlight on them. Of course, the calmer the winds are, the better reflections you will get on the water.

Compare the two shots above with sunlit trees to the shot below that was taken on an overcast day. Granted, I had calmer water on the overcast day and my camera settings were much different, but the diffused light from the overcast day seems to create a better reflection of the trees color on the lake surface.


My ISO settings were vastly different from the two photos above (ISO 400) and the one below (ISO 1100), but I can confirm from my naked eye observations that color in the water gets more intense once direct sunlight is off of the tress.




Also, yellow trees obviously give more dramatic reflections than the dull orange trees in photo 1.

My basic assumption is that when direct sunlight is on the trees, it is creating a lot of ambient light that washes out some of the reflections in the water.

I’m going to have to read about the behavior of reflected, refracted, and diffuse light a bit more.

Plus, I want to conduct a few comparisons of the same piece of shoreline under different conditions.

Comments on this are welcome, because I’m not sure that I’m making the correct assumption about ambient light washing out the reflections in the water.
Basic Data Photo 1 & 2

Location: Loch Raven Reservoir, MD

Date: October 17, 2014

Times: 5:52pm and

Weather Conditions: Clear

Wind: Variable wind <2kts

Basic Data Photo 3

Location: Loch Raven Reservoir, MD

Date: October 16, 2014

Time: 1:51pm

Wind: Calm

Weather Conditions: Overcast