Bald Eagle Steals Fish from Osprey

OE 1
Osprey catches fish and glides away – September 14, 2014



OE 2
Osprey likely notices eagle taking flight from trees and climbs higher


OE 3
Eagle dives into frame, the chase lasts about 60-90 seconds from this point



OE 4

OE 5
A number of sharp turns are made



OE 6

OE 7
The Osprey finally drops his fish, lower-center-right frame, and the eagle dives to catch it before it hits the water



I shot this series of photos back on September 14, 2014; however, I’ve held off posting them until I figured out how to zoom and crop the images in a manner that would display on the blog a bit better.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the birds of prey around Loch Raven Reservoir are very competitive for fish.

I have witnessed Bald Eagles taking the catch of Ospreys on three occasions, but I’ve only shot usable photographs once.

In the series above, I was shooting pictures of the Osprey long before I knew the Bald Eagle was in pursuit.

If you happen to visit Loch Raven, and want a chance at observing this activity first-hand, pick a comfortable spot just north of the dam on the western bank. Keep your eyes trained on the east bank, the eagles typically wait in the trees on that side for another bird to catch a fish.

Location and Weather:

Loch Raven Reservoir, Maryland

September 14, 2014



Partly Cloudy


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