The Glen at Towson

I cut through the Glen this morning on the way to the library. The Glen is a patch of woods near one of the parking garages on campus, there are a few feral cats that live in there, and I caught one waking up from a nap in the sun as I entered.

Nappy Cat

On the other side, I caught this pair of cats spying on a squirrel. As soon as they heard me, they quickly abandoned whatever it was they were planning. One darted off into the bushes, while the other waited patiently for me to go away.



Speaking of squirrels, these little guys are working overtime hiding acorns this time of year. They will scold you with a very distinct call if you get too close to their cache of acorns.


This little guy was definitely upset with me, and was telling me to get away in his harshest voice. I took a couple of quick snaps and retreated to the library.



I was lucky enough to get a couple of decent shots of female cardinals while walking up the hill.

Cardinal 2


I took a few shots of some House Sparrows hanging around a picnic table. These photos are some of my first experiments with post processing; nothing fancy, just basic cropping and zooming.



Sparrow Male

Holly Sparrow

We are starting to get some good colors in the trees in Maryland.



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